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14,80 €

Millesime Collection - Journey to the Jura

with this box of 16 chocolates, the fruit of a beautiful meeting between the wine tradition and chocolate-making know-how.

An invitation to Château-Chalon, a city of character and an emblematic site of the Jura vineyards, which has given its name to one of the best crus in the world.
We take you on a journey of discovery through this winegrowing area with our two chocolate recipes: 

- Ganache with Jura Yellow wine its pear jelly with Yellow wine,
- Ganache with Jura Straw wine,

These divine nectars with their amber and copper colours come from Jean-Claude Crédoz, one of the most renowned winegrowers in the Jura region.

A chocolate presentation booklet and the story of this beautiful encounter is included inside the box.

Ingredients : cocoa (wild beans from Bolivia and noble beans from the Sambirano appellation of origin in Madagascar), cocoa butter, Jura Yellow wine, Jura Straw wine from Jean-Claude Crédoz Domain - Château-Chalon (Jura), pear puree, sugar, butter, glucose, dextrose, pectin, citric acid.

Weight: 125 g (16 chocolates on 1 layer)
Size of the box : 11,5 cm x 11,5 cm 

Price per kilo: 118.40 €

Shelf life : 1 month

Store in a cool (between 17°C and 20°C) and dry place