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16,20 €

Cocktail Experience

Discover or rediscover these ganache-filled chocolates  inspired by cocktails made with Green Chartreuse liqueur*:
- Chartreus'ito (Green Chartreuse, mint, lime),
- Chartreuse Mule (ginger, Green Chartreuse and lemon),
- Chartreuse Orange (orange jelly and Green Chartreuse). 

Pure joy!

*contains alcohol

Individual decorations and the legend on the back of the box identify each chocolate.

Ingredients: cocoa, cream, cocoa butter, Green Chartreuse liqueur, butter, glucose, invert sugar, orange, ginger, lime, lemon, mint, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract.    

Box of 21 chocolates

Weight: 160 g 
Price per kg: €104.52

Shelf life: 1 month

Store in a cool, dry place (between 17°C and 20°C) .