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“Pralin” and French “praliné”, otherwise known as Belgian praline - it's complicated

“Pralin” and French “praliné”, otherwise known as Belgian praline - it's complicated

The word "praline can refer to different sweet treats, which can lead to confusion.

In Belgium for example, and some of the bordering French regions, pralines are the common name for both ganache- and praline-filled chocolate sweets. Whereas elsewhere, praline is confectionery made of roasted almonds or hazelnuts coated with caramelised sugar. In some places, red food colouring is added to make pink praline, very famous in the Lyon area.

The "praline” used to fill chocolates is a creamy paste with finely ground roasted and caramelized almonds or hazelnuts blended with melted chocolate. 

And what about traditional praline? It is more coarsely ground so that small pieces crack in your mouth.

At the Sandrine Chappaz Chocolaterie, we make a range of ganaches and pralines, all home-made!

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