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We are very sorry to temporarily close our e.boutique. As all our products are 100% homemade, we have reached the maximum of our production capacity to meet the orders we have already received.
The purchase of chocolates and confectionery remains possible only at our workshop/boutique.
We wish you all a very happy festive season!

Sandrine Chappaz

Vanilla Marshmallow Bears

Marshmallow bears with a fabulous Madagascar vanilla flavour wrapped in 64% dark chocolate or 36% milk chocolate.
Yum! Sweet childhood memories!

Victim of its success, this product is no longer available on our eboutique. Our little marmots are working hard to bring them back to you as soon as possible!

Ingredients: sugar, invert sugar, fish gelatine, cocoa butter, cocoa past, milk powder (for bears with milk chocolate), Madagascar vanilla natural extract, soy lecithin.

Box of 8 bears

Weight : 85 g
Price per kg : 111,76 €

Shelf life : 3 months

Store in a cool, dry place (between 17°C and 20°C).